NC- 303

  • manufactured from medical-grade PVC, which is non-toxic and non-irritating.
  • Tubing with a frozen surface for incredibly smooth incubation.
  • Traumatic, rounded, soft, closed tip with two lateral drainage eyes.
  • opaque X-ray line For simple size identification, a Colour Coded Plain Connector is provided throughout the whole length of the catheter.
  • For simple connection to a urine bag, use a universal funnel-shaped connector.
  • E.T.O. Individually Packed, Sterile, and Pyrogen Free. 

    SIZE :

  • 8
  • 10
  • 12
  • 14
  • 16
  • 18
  • 20
  • 22
  • 24


As a major producer and exporter of Nelaton Catheters, we are dedicated to provide medical professionals all around the world top-notch medical equipment. Our Nelaton Catheters supplier are manufactured of medical-grade PVC material to provide optimal safety and efficacy for both patients during bladder draining treatments. At our business, we recognise the value of prompt delivery and dependable service. As a wholesaler of Nelaton Catheters, we provide bulk quantities to make sure that our clients can effectively satisfy the needs of their patients. We are dedicated to provide outstanding customer support and service, making sure that our clients get the help they require in a prompt and professional way.  Choose us as your Nelaton Catheter exporter and experience quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. 

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