OU- 104

  • For Short term urine collection of neonates.
  • Provided with hypoallergenic self – adhesive for better grip, prevent irritation and easy removal from skin of the infant.
  • Capacity : 100 ml Aprrox.



  • Manufactured from clinical grade PVC sheet.
  • Suitable for closed drainage systems for short and long term use
  • Efficient non return valve to prevent the back flow of urine.
  • Smooth and kink resistant 90 to 100 cm long connecting PVC Tube with grooved tapered connector for easy connection.
  • Precise graduation in ml to indicate the quantity of urine collection .

Urine collection bags for pediatric patients are specially designed medical devices used to collect and measure urine output from infants and young children who are unable to urinate normally or use a toilet. These bags are smaller in size and have a shape that is better suited for the anatomy of children.

  • The urine collection bags for pediatric patients are typically made of a sterile, soft and flexible plastic material that is safe for use on delicate skin. 
  • They are designed to attach to the child’s genital area using adhesive strips, allowing the bag to securely collect urine without causing discomfort or irritation.
  • Some urine collection bags for pediatric patients also come with special features such as a urine sample port that allows for easy and hygienic urine sample collection for laboratory testing. 
  • Additionally, some bags may include color-chsanging indicators that signal when the bag is full and needs to be emptied.
  • For Neonates’ short-term urine collection it is provided with hypoallergenic self-adhesive for improved grip, to avoid itchiness, and for simple removal from the baby’s skin.
  • About 100 ml of capacity. 

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