OU- 106

  • The urine collection bag has a tube length of 150 cms
  • The urine meter is directly attached to two liters capacity urine bag with overflow facility
  • The completely closed circuit eliminates the risk of contamination
  • The universal tapered connector facilitates aseptic catheter & urine bag connection
  • With 250 ml measured volume meter For Measurement of urine output Capacity – 2000 ml



A urine collection bag with a measured volume meter is a medical device used to collect and measure urine output in patients who are unable to void on their own or need accurate urine output monitoring. Here are some of the features that such a device may have:

  • Sterile: The urine collection bag is sterile to prevent infection or contamination.
  • Measured volume meter: The device has a measured volume meter to accurately measure the urine output.
  • Transparent bag: The bag is transparent so that healthcare professionals can easily monitor the urine output.
  • Secure attachment: The device has  a secure attachment mechanism to prevent the bag from becoming detached from the patient.
  • Anti-reflux valve: An anti-reflux valve is included in the device to prevent urine from flowing back into the patient.
  • Accurate readings: The measured volume meter provides accurate readings to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Leading producer and manufacturer of premium urine collection bags with measured volume metres is Omex Medical Technology. Our goods are made to satisfy the requirements of doctors, patients, and carers, 
  • For Neonates’ short-term urine collection it is provided with hypoallergenic self-adhesive for improved grip, to avoid itchiness, and for simple removal from the baby’s skin.
  • Capacity : 2000 ml Aprrox.
  • Capacity of volume meter: 250 ml.

Additional information: 

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