OU- 109

  • Suitable for day and night use during incontinence
  • Provides freedom of mobility as the bag is attached to the leg of the patient.
  • Extra ordinary leg strap connectors strategically placed for more comfortable wear.
  • Provided T – type bottom outlet valve.
  • Capacity:800 ml Approx.



  • Manufactured from clinical grade PVC sheet.
  • Suitable for closed drainage systems for short and long term use
  • Efficient non return valve to prevent the back flow of urine.
  • Smooth and kink resistant 90 to 100 cm long connecting PVC Tube with grooved tapered connector for easy connection.
  • Precise graduation in ml to indicate the quantity of urine collection .
  • A urine collection leg bag with a bottom outlet is a medical device used to collect and measure urine output from patients who are unable to urinate normally and need to move around. 
  • The bag is typically made of a sterile, flexible plastic material and features a bottom outlet that connects to a drainage tube. 
  •  To use the urine collection leg bag, the drainage tube is attached to the outlet and then placed into the patient’s bladder through a catheter or other similar device.
  •  The bag is then attached to the patient’s leg using straps or other securing mechanisms, allowing them to move around while still collecting urine.
  • The bottom outlet design of the urine collection leg bags allows for easy and convenient emptying and cleaning. 
  • When the bag is full, the drainage tube is disconnected from the outlet, and the urine is emptied into a toilet or other appropriate receptacle. 
  • The bag can then be cleaned and reused.
  • available with the option of a moulded hanger or a hanger stick with string for hanging and transporting.
  • About 2000 ml of capacity

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