Foley Balloon Catheter

Sterile, Individually Paper pack
Inner Box of 100 pcs,
Master Cartoon of 1000 pcs,


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A Foley Balloon Catheter is a medical device used for bladder drainage in patients who are unable to void urine naturally. It has various features that ensure the patient’s comfort and safety during the procedure. 


Optimal eyes

The optimal eyes are designed to facilitate a smooth and painless introduction into the urethra while ensuring efficient drainage.


Strang drainage funnel

The strong drainage funnel resists kinking and provides a secure connection to the drainage bag.


Pressure resistant balloon

The pressure-resistant balloon can be easily inflated or deflated to ensure patient safety.


Large drainage lumen

A large drainage lumen allows for fast and effective drainage while minimizing encrustation and clogging.


Inflation valve

The inflation valve comes in a choice of hard or soft material and ensures that the balloon is properly inflated during use.


Siliconized Catheters

Siliconized catheters have a smooth finish that facilitates easy passage through the urethral meatus. They are ideal for short-term use.


Reinforced catheter shaft

The reinforced catheter shaft prevents collapse and ensures effective suctioning. These features make the Foley Balloon Catheter a reliable and safe medical device for bladder drainage in patients.

Size in FR
Balloon Capacity
15ml, 15-30ml
Approx. 25 cm
Size in FR
Balloon Capacity
1.5 ml
8, 10
3-5 ml
12, 14
15 ml, 30-50 ml
30 ml, 30-50 ml
Size in FR
Balloon Capacity
30 ml, 30-50 ml

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