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  • Some of the advantages that the user can have while using a Disposable Scalpel in place of a Surgical Blade (by fitting the Blade on a Re-usable Handle) are listed hereunder:-It reduces or even prevents the incidences of
    1. injuries that can occur during the process of fitting or removing contaminated blades from handles (as in case of using blades by fitting on reusable handles) since there arises no such possibility, as these are meant for “Use and Throw/For Single Use only”.
    2. Occupational illness arising from cross infection (particularly of Highly Infectious and Life Threatening Diseases such as Hiv/Aids, Hepatitis B, C) caused through injuries sustained during the removal of blades from handles.

    While carrying out a surgery with Disposable Scalpel(s), a Surgeon can have an approximate measurement of the cut made by him/her, with the help of graduated scale of the handle during or after the completion of the Surgery.

  • Since they are meant for one time use, the sterility of a freshly opened disposable scalpel is assured unlike in the care of re-usable handles.
  • After use the Disposable Scalpels having the contaminated blades well covered with Protective Caps/ Guards can be safely disposed in the Operation Theater/Room Disposal Container as there is no possibility of any risk involved due to puncture caused by the Sharp Blades.
  • Being a “Ready to use sterile product’ it is useful for immediate surgery.

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