BT- 410

  • For transfusion of blood and blood components.
  • Clear, transparent and flexible drip chamber facilitates visualization.
  • sharp spike for batter penetration.
  • Specially designed roller clamp for better flow control.
  • Superior quality & self sealing latex tubing I latex or latex free flash bulb for easy flushing
  • Super smooth kink resistant PVC tubing with standard length of 150 cms.
  • 200 micron blood filter and 18 G hypodermic needle.
  • Approximately 20 drops/ml
  • Non- Toxic, Pyrogen free & Sterile by EO.
  • Available Single or Double drip chamber.


Product Code Specification Flow Rate
15 mm single chamber, 18’’G Vein Needle, tube dia.:2.70 mm, 50 mm Latex tube
20 Drops/ml
15 mm single chamber, 18’’G Vein Needle, tube dia.:2.90 mm, 42 mm bulb Latex
20 drops/ml
15 mm single chamber, 18’’G Vein Needle, tube dia.:3.20 mm, 45 mm bulb Latex
20 Drops/ml
17 mm double chamber with Blood filter, 18’’G Vein Needle, tube dia.:3.00mm,
20 Drops/ml

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